Free software provided by me follows. Some are written only in Japanese, so feel free to ask me to make translated version.

TCP packet repeater `stone'
When tcp connection is refused by firewall, this program repeats ports on firewall to other machine (ex: X protocol to inner, DeleGate protocol to outer). It runs on UNIX and Windows.
awake daemon `awaked'
A Windows service (daemon) that prevents a Windows PC from going to sleep. By sending UDP packets remotely, you can keep your Windows PC "awake".
DTCP client witten in Perl
How to setup IPv6 over IP tunnel using DTCP on Linux.
TimeTable Viewer
An application for Palm to view the time tables of trains and buses. Remaining time by the next train/bus is displayed in a big font.
SED Lecture (written in Japanese)
Lecture how to use sed: Stream EDitor, one of the most convenient tools of UNIX, DOS, Windows, etc.
boiling-egg (Japanese)
`boiled-egg'-like user interface on `tamago4'.
An application to send a packet that wakes up a machine that supports ``Wake on LAN''.
Reject EMP (Japanese)
As a fighting tool against SPAM, I proposed the method to reject EMP (Excessive Multi-Post). A patch for INN 1.7.2 that call MD5 routine, and a Perl filter that rejects articles based on the MD5 value, are presented.
UUCP over TCP/IP between dialup sites (Japanese)
I presented `iamhere.c' (I am here.) and `whereareyou.c' (Where are you ?) to find the IP address of the machine connecting to the Internet by dialup PPP. Running `whereareyou', you get the IP address of your partner's machine, and you can connect to it by UUCP or other protocols.
FAX CNG tone detector (Japanese)
Patch for mgetty to detect FAX CNG tone. You can let both your auto-answering telephone and FAX modem do auto-answer on the same phone line. Direct telephone pickup and sound card are needed.
Tiny Less (the manual is written in Japanese)
Compact and fast less for DOS.
TV tuner driver (the manual is written in Japanese)
TV tuner driver for WatchMate, a tuner board for IBM PC compatibles, made by Daou Tech Inc.
Patch for 1.44M/1.2M switch for Dynabook (Japanese)
You can use both 1.44M/1.2M floppy on Linux with this patch. Only for kernel 0.99 patchlevel 14, but easily applied to later version (I think :-).
utilities written in assembly language (the manual is written in Japanese)
wc, du, chmod, jtos, stoj and swchar for DOS. These are written in assembly language, so very compact. You find them very convenient when you use sub-note computer and want to reduce the bytes of files in disks.

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